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If you like Angry Birds and the puzzle games then you will surely love Angry Birds Blast! and our generator of gold. Free and unlimited, it will allow you to continue your games without being limited by the lack of gold. This hack is easy to use, we recommend you take a look at our video tutorial.

Unique and effective tool …

Maybe you already have used a generator in the past? That of is unique. Indeed, unlike most of the sites offering generators, ours doesn’t need to download: a good wi-fi connection is enough! Usable directly online on our site, you will avoid to increase the memory of your device.

Angry Birds Blast On My Way

Its effectiveness is tested during two tests: after having coded it, our developers specialized in cheats and hacks for video games submit the generator for a test on several devices (tablets, smartphones) and on different operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

To obtain the permission to publish our cheat online, we must send it to an external commission at This evaluates the reliability and the level of security of our cheat. Only once these criteria have been validated, we share it and benefit most of players! If you like us, you are tired of spending your money in virtual resources, then the generator is the cheating tool that suits you.

… but also very simple and very safe

You have never used a generator in your life? This is not a problem, the team of provides you with user manual that is less than 10 steps and is very easy to follow!

Although the generator functions as a transparent filter, we asked our greediest users if the addition of an additional security system would reassure them. More than half of them responded positively to this question which led us to add a security portal that must now be activated by each user! To help you, you will find a short video at the top of this article. Well, how does it work now?

Hack – Instructions how to use our generator

Get the username you use for Angry Birds Blast! or the login that allows you to connect to your download platform and then follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1 – Open the Gold Generator for Angry Birds Blast! by clicking on the red “Go to Hack” button at the very top of this page
  • Step 2 – Then enter your username or the identifier of your download platform
  • Step 3 – Choose the amount of gold you wish to inject to your AB Blast! account

We voluntarily chose to encrypt ourselves the quantities. Prefer regular and controlled use rather than taking disproportionate amounts and make your party uninteresting.

  • Step 4 – Then click on “Generate” and wait until the loading bar is full.
  • Step 5 – When the bar is loaded to 100% activate our security system by watching our video at the top of the article.
  • Step 6 – Your gold are finally ready! Restart your favorite game to enjoy all your resources and play without limits!

Review of Angry Birds Blast!

Indeed, on AB Blast! you will have to shine your intelligence and stimulate your strategic mind. Based on the model the famous game Candy Crush King, Angry Birds Blast! is a game in which you have to recover a maximum of birds. You must create combinations of at least 2 birds of the same color to move the puzzle.

Each level imposes on you different objective: you must for example recover a certain number of birds of a certain color or to collect green pigs exploding a maximum of peripheral birds.

In addition to your main mission, you will be required to complete quests that will bring you valuable rewards.

The two main resources of the game is gold and silver. Gold allow you to buy extra moves. Silver are obtained by successfully completing your levels or by trading your gold. They are very useful for acquiring boosters (special items, extra moves) that you must select before starting a game.

Released in December 2016, Angry Birds Blast! is a novelty that will entertain any gamer! With its legendary birds and fun animations, you can have fun on over 250 levels and download this game for free from the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store. And most importantly, you never have to pay for fun anymore.

Have fun! The AngryCheats Team.

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